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Online Backup service Kerry

Cloud Backup offers a highly secure, extremely efficient online backup service for protecting your critical business data, whether it’s simple files, email archives or complex datastores. 

With today’s reliance on data integrity, having up-to-date and easily restorable backups is essential not just to fulfilling compliance obligations, but also to business continuity and disaster recovery strategy. Lose even a day’s worth of data and it can be devastating to any business.

Cloud Backup is a fully scalable, Pay-Per-Use, online backup service that uses the latest in client-side de-duplication and Intelligent Data Motion techniques to deliver a significantly faster, more reliable and less costly backup service than traditional on/off-premise backup solutions.


 Benefits Summary 

  • Pay Per Use – no large up-front investment cost, no waste, just a simple monthly charge for what resources used.
  • Scalable – suitable for small or large data stores, does not use a central database, no back-end limitation
  • Highly Efficient – Block Level Incremental Backup/Restores mean only the data that has changed is backed up or restored at the most granular level. This equates to a daily average of less than 1% of the total data.
  • Intelligent – Client side De-duplication and unique ‘Cabinet’ data packaging technology enables the flexible transfer of data even under low bandwidth or interrupted connectivity scenarios.
  • Reliable – No middle layer greatly improves the reliability and stability of the software and leaves no space for malware to interfere.
  • Lightweight – commits lowest footprint possible for bandwidth, storage & CPU
  • Secure – client side encryption at 128/256 bits AES or 448 bits Blowfish, ISO 9001 and SAS 70 compliance
  • Offsite + Local Speed Vault – data is stored both offsite in the Cloud and in the user’s Local Speed Vault enabling quick, incremental data restoration via whichever is the fastest route
  • Simple-to-use – fast, reliable restoration of the data needed, not what you don’t, via classic Windows Folder View


  How Does Cloud Backup Work?

After a quick and simple installation of the backup client software, you will be asked to select the files and/or directories you want backed up. You’ll only have to do this once, but it’s also possible to change your selection as and when required. A full backup of your selected data is then taken, encrypted and compressed, before being sent to our Cloud platform through an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connection for safe storage and monitoring. After this point, only the individual file data that has changed is backed up at block level (using a technology called True Delta Discovery). This not only saves on bandwidth, it maximises Backup & Restore performance (individual file restores can be performed in minutes not hours or days), and minimises the amount of storage space you need to use (and so costs you less).

 Can I configure where my Backups are stored?

Yes. Cloud Backup can be configured to simultaneously backup to your ‘Local Speed Vault’ storage, and also remotely to the Cloud, giving you maximum assurance and flexibility when it comes file restoration. The local backup can be used where it is faster or where bandwidth is limited, while the offsite Cloud backup works seamlessly in a disaster recovery scenario.

 What Amount of Data is Suitable for Cloud Backup?

With Cloud backup you can store data from a few GBs to tens of TBs. Large amounts of data, regardless of format complexities can be processed without overloading the client thanks to unique data packaging technology which means that large data stores are broken down into smaller ‘cabinets’, allowing for the flexible transfer of data even under low bandwidth or interrupted connectivity scenarios.